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Congressman Higgins Recognizes Local Business Owner and Community Activist Sam Bova
August 22, 2008
Congressman Higgins presents a flag and Extension of Remarks to business owner and community activist Sam Bova.
Congressman Higgins presents a flag and Extension of Remarks to business owner and community activist Sam Bova.

           Today Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-27) recognized local business owner and community activist Sam Bova, presenting him with a flag flown over the United States Capitol building for his extensive community involvement. 


            “Sam Bova does so much for everyone in Sunset Bay; it’s time that someone did something for Sam,” said Higgins.  “Today we honor him for the work he does every day to keep Sunset Bay a great place to live and visit.”


            Higgins noted that Mr. Bova’s contributions as a small business entrepreneur go above and beyond, “Sam not only gives to the local economy by running a small business and providing over 100 local jobs, he gives back to the most noble of causes – supporting our troops, veterans, local law enforcement and agencies dedicated to the fight against cancer.”


            The following Extension of Remarks, presented to Mr. Bova, was entered by the Congressman into the Congressional Record: 




(Extensions of Remarks - July 30, 2008)

[Page: E1608]





Wednesday, July 30, 2008


·         Mr. HIGGINS. Madam Speaker, today I rise to honor a longtime businessman and civic leader in the great community of Sunset Bay, New York. Sam Bova has owned and operated the Sunset Bay Beach since the mid 1990s, consisting of two prime waterfront attractions: the Sunset Bay Beach Club, and Cabana Sam's Sunset Bay Grill.


·         As a businessman, Sam's business provides seasonal work to more than 150 people, and is the source of a tremendous amount of seasonal fun in the area of northwestern Chautauqua County. His management of the Beach provides a tremendously enjoyable atmosphere for local residents as well as those who choose Sunset Bay as their summertime vacation destination.


·         More than just as a businessman, however, Sam Bova has been a dedicated member of the community in northern Chautauqua County, tirelessly dedicating his time and resources to dozens of local and regional charities. Of particular note is an issue very close to my own heart, Sam has a particular affinity for charities associated with the fight against cancer, and has devoted tremendous efforts in support of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Carly's Crossing for Childhood Cancer, the Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the Leukemia Society. Moreover, Sam's support of our men and women in uniform is well known throughout the community; he has been a consistent supporter of local, regional and state police efforts, local fire and emergency services personnel, and is particularly interested in helping returning veterans to find jobs and opportunities back home in Western New York.


·         While summertime is always a special time in Sunset Bay, the summer of 2008 is a special time for Sam Bova . Sam celebrated his 50th birthday recently, once again in the company of his faithful employees, close friends, and uniformed members of our local police, fire and emergency services agencies. As I said before, Sam holds a very close connection to men and women in uniform, and he seeks to honor their service to our country every day. That is why I have requested that a United States Flag will fly over the United States Capitol in Sam's honor, and I plan to present that flag to him, to be flown at Sunset Bay, so that he and all those who visit Sunset Bay may continue to honor the brave men and women who serve our community and our nation so well.


·         Madam Speaker, I hope that you will join me in honoring a great Western New Yorker and a great friend of the community in northern Chautauqua County. Here is hoping that Sam Bova will put another 50 great years into his business and supporting the many charities he helps each day.

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