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  1. As US, China Presidents Meet, Higgins Joins House Members Encouraging Administration to Press China on Unfair Economic Policies

    ... Michaud (ME-2), Higgins and the others stressed the need for China to abide by international trade laws calling it, “imperative for the ... economy and for the viability of American businesses.” China artificially suppresses the value of its currency relative to the dollar, ...

    Jan 19, 2011

  2. WNY Group Receives a $682,000 Cooperative Award to Boost Medical Device Trade with China

    ... help local medical device manufacturers sell their goods in China. The agreement is for a program that will be administered over three ... million over 2009.”   Aside from the United States, China has the world’s largest market for medical equipment and services, ...

    Sep 6, 2012

  3. Higgins Pushes for Vote on China Currency Bill

    ... States and around the world.  The report estimates the China trade deficit is to blame for the loss of approximately 20,100 jobs ...

    Jul 8, 2011

  4. Statement by Congressman Higgins on House Approval of the China Currency Bill

    "America and especially Western New York, with our hardworking, educated and dedicated workforce, is able to compete with any nation in the global market as long as there is a level playing field. But when the Chinese government, through market...

    Sep 30, 2010

  5. Congressman Higgins Votes with Ways & Means Committee on Bill to Create and Protect American Jobs

    ... would provide direct relief to U.S. businesses hurt by China’s currency devaluation policies and, according to Nobel Prize-winning ... said Congressman Higgins.  “For a number of reasons, with China we don’t have a level playing field. This bill will begin to correct ...

    Sep 29, 2010

  6. Higgins Testifies Before U.S. International Trade Commission on Behalf of Tonawanda’s FMC Corporation

    ... because of competition from unfairly traded imports from China.     Nearly two decades ago, Chinese imports of low-priced ... this Commission determined that imports of persulfates from China were harming FMC and the domestic market. In 1997, The Commission and ...

    Jan 17, 2014

  7. Higgins Calls on Congress to Take Action on Infrastructure

    ... Lots of people around here spend lots of time whining about China. China invests 9% of its economy in infrastructure investment. We invest less ...

    Feb 14, 2013

  8. Higgins Outlines Job Creation Proposal In Letter to President

    ... facilities the most advanced in the world.   China Currency Manipulation Lastly, I know you share my commitment to the ... strongly urge you to announce aggressive measures to combat China’s currency manipulation that puts American-made products – and ...

    Sep 7, 2011

  9. Higgins Opposes Free Trade Legislation

    ... it facilitates the use of cheap automobile parts made in China and due to China’s manipulation of currency, placing American parts manufacturers at an ...

    Oct 12, 2011

  10. Higgins Proposes to Work With New Era to Fight Tariffs Which Have Forced Tough Decisions for Longtime Western New York Based Company

    ... ad valorem on our finished headwear products coming out of China will impose near-crippling additional costs and threaten our ability to ...

    Nov 15, 2018