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With Contract Deadline Looming, Higgins Stands on the House Floor in Support of Autoworkers

Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-26) took to the House floor in solidarity with United Auto Workers (UAW) negotiating for a fair contract with U.S. automakers. 


Higgins, a member of the House Labor Caucus, said in part, “I rise today in support of nearly 150,000 United Auto Workers, including 3,000 members in Western New York at the Ford Stamping Plant and General Motors plants in Tonawanda and Lockport. Now, during a time when companies are experiencing record profits, the people delivering the goods deserve a contract that recognizes the critical role they play in that success. I ask my colleagues to join me in solidarity with UAW as they negotiate a secure future for the workers driving success in the automotive industry today.”

Contracts for UAW hourly workers at Ford, GM and Stellantis are set to expire on September 14, 2023.