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Statement By Congressman Brian Higgins Calling for an Impeachment Inquiry to Commence

"Obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense. The multiple instances of obstruction laid out in the Mueller report necessitate that the House launch an impeachment inquiry.”

"It is our responsibility, as Representatives of the people, to seek out the facts. Beyond the verified instances of obstruction detailed by the Special Counsel, over the past several months, the President has stonewalled every Congressional request and forbid government employees from complying with congressional subpoenas. These actions further seek to obstruct the transparent and lawful government Americans deserve, representing a deliberate irreverence for the Constitution that forces the House to exercise its impeachment responsibility as set forth in Article 1.”

“This action cannot and should not be taken lightly. Over our history, the House has commenced impeachment proceedings 60 times, and has voted to impeach 19 federal officials: 15 federal judges, two presidents, one senator, and one cabinet member. While this process is difficult, it is necessary to preserve both our democracy as well as the role of Congress as a co-equal branch of government.”