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Statement By Congressman Brian Higgins on Payroll Tax Cut Vote

Dec 20, 2011
Press Release

 Congressman Higgins released the following statement after House leadership refused to hold a vote on the Payroll Tax Cut extension already approved by a strong bipartisan majority in the Senate:

"Just when I thought Washington couldn't be more tone deaf, what we're seeing this week is a completely new level of disrespect for the American people coming from Washington, DC.  
”Americans remain subjected to a partisan political playbook completely fixated on winning this or that political battle - and seemingly blind to the real needs of Americans. That our supposed political leaders will continue to stand in between working people and their paychecks and stand in the way of economic recovery is deplorable.  
“For a year this Congress has repeatedly held our country hostage – on government shutdowns, debt defaults and tax increases -- in order to score political points. There is no question this reckless and radical behavior has hurt our economy time and again.”
“To say this is frustrating doesn’t begin to describe the utter disappointment I have in the behavior in Washington, DC.  To me, the solution is simple: let's set the politics aside today and pass the bipartisan bill that overwhelmingly passed the Senate, to ensure that 160 million middle class American taxpayers are not socked with a $1,000 higher tax bill in 2012. Let's cut the nonsense.”