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Statement By Congressman Brian Higgins

Feb 16, 2012
Press Release

Congressman Brian Higgins released the following statement regarding NFTA Board’s acceptance of a bid at the Small Boat Harbor:

“The Outer Harbor is home to hundreds of acres of prime waterfront land with limitless potential.  For years we have been calling for needed investment in the area of the Small Boat Harbor and we are pleased that the NFTA is stepping out of the way to allow this progress to happen.
“Following completion of the $80 million Outer Harbor Parkway and with work currently underway to create additional public waterfront access, pedestrian trails and pocket parks along this stretch we are creating a real destination at a location people just months before either couldn’t find or had no desire to visit.  Today however, thanks to the progress here and at adjacent locations along the Inner Harbor and Buffalo River, this land is ripe for private sector investment.
“A commitment of $15 million in improvements to the site is welcome news with the great potential to add even more exciting public features.  As the transition takes place over the coming year I would only caution that the plans include adequate protections for slip holders and appropriate preservation of public access to the water’s edge, and I will personally fight to make that happen.
"For the second time this week we are seeing the private interest that comes when we put in the hard work and public infrastructure necessary to create our own promising economic future.  I look forward to working with the stakeholders involved to build on the work we’ve already done.”