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Schumer, Higgins Request In-Person Meeting with Head of Social Security Admin To Raise Serious Concerns About the Slated Closure of the Amherst SS Office – Will Push Colvin to Reverse Course and Keep Amherst SS Office Open

Mar 4, 2014
Press Release
Schumer and Higgins Call on Acting Social Security Commissioner Colvin to Meet in Washington DC to Discuss Amherst SS Office, Now Scheduled for Closure

Today, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer and Congressman Brian Higgins requested an in-person meeting with the Acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration (SSA) Carolyn Colvin in Washington DC to raise concerns about the slated closure of the Amherst Social Security Office.  Schumer and Higgins will make the case that the Amherst Office is efficient and has sufficient demand to warrant continued operation.  They are pressing Acting Commissioner Colvin to hear out their arguments and they both will urge the Commissioner to reverse course and keep Amherst open.  In 2013, the Amherst office processed over 32% of all social security insurance claims in Erie County, serving over 36,000 people annually.

“Closing this social security office will unduly burden tens of thousands of Amherst and Erie County seniors, forcing the elderly and disabled to travel further to access their essential and hard-earned social security services,” said Senator Schumer. “That is why I’m urging the Acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration to meet with Congressman Higgins and me to hear out the argument for keeping Amherst open.  It is a popular and efficient office, serving over 32% of all Erie County’s claims and over 36,000 people a year.  These seniors have worked hard their whole lives and earned these benefits, they have earned first-class service.  Commissioner Colvin should come hear out the arguments in favor of keeping Amherst operating before continuing with any plans to the contrary.”

“The Amherst Social Security field office serves a very unique population which includes a large concentration of senior service facilities, people with disabilities and international students,” said Congressman Higgins.  “Social Security lists their mission as delivering services that meet the changing needs of the public.  This community has stood up and sent the message that closing the office in Amherst fails to meet the specialized needs of Western New York and we’re taking that message to Washington, DC.” 

Schumer and Higgins have formally requested Acting Commissioner Colvin to meet with them in Washington DC, at a time based on the officials’ schedules, to discuss the planned closure of the Amherst Social Security Office.  Both representatives are responding to an outpouring of local support for the office, which services a high volume of Erie County’s total social security claims and a high number of annual beneficiaries.