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Higgins Welcomes Executive Action on Gun Safety Measures

Apr 8, 2021
Press Release

Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-26) welcomed long overdue action to address the gun violence public health epidemic in America. 

“With each senseless shooting or mass casualty event we mourn the needless loss of life but day after day this nation has failed to protect Americans from gun violence,” said Higgins. “We have the opportunity to make our streets, churches, schools, homes and communities safe spaces again. There are clear, common sense steps we can take. Action is necessary and warranted to save lives.”

President Biden announced several actions to address gun violence in America including investments in evidence-based community violence interventions, issuance of a report on firearms trafficking and rules to stop the proliferation of “ghost guns,” like those recently discovered in Niagara Falls. 

In March Congressman Higgins supported and the House of Representatives approved two pieces of legislation, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act (H.R. 8) and the Enhanced Background Checks Act (H.R. 1446), bills aimed at closing loopholes that allow for the sale of firearms without adequate background checks.  The bills have yet to be considered in the Senate.  The Congressman also supports efforts to repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, the practice that keeps federal authorities from apprehending illegally-obtained guns that cross state lines, something that has led to a number of fatalities in Western New York.

Gun violence kills 38,000 Americans every year and are the second leading cause of death for children under 18. The United States has a disproportionately high rate of gun violence when compared with other high-income nations around the world. The problem is equally alarming locally with gun violence in the City of Buffalo up over 100 percent in 2020.

Picture of Gun Violence Statistics in U.S.

Last year Congressman Higgins met with members of Buffalo’s Most Valuable Parents (MVP) group and Buffalo SNUG (guns spelled backwards) to discuss community concerns about gun trafficking and gun violence.