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Congressman Higgins' Statement on the Presidential Address

Feb 24, 2009
Press Release

“Tonight Congress and the country listened as our President, in office just four short weeks, laid out a very realistic and optimistic picture of the state of our nation.  With a strong focus on our national economy President Obama provided new hope for middle class families like many in Western New York struggling to find work and afford quality healthcare.

The President shared how a renewed focus on domestic priorities such as education and energy reform, which have not received the attention they deserved in the past, can set our economy on a better path to the future.  And with this President, a goal I have long advocated for is finally now truly America’s goal, with the commitment to ‘launch a new effort to conquer a disease that has touched the life of nearly every American by seeking a cure for cancer in our time.’

President Obama is honest about the real challenges ahead of us.  He clearly recognizes the magnitude of this recession and plans to demand greater accountability and transparency of our government as a means to restore the confidence of the American people.  The path to recovery will not be easy and will require a multifaceted approach that covers a spectrum of issues and includes short and long-term solutions for revival.  Nevertheless, America is resilient.  We are a nation of innovators, workers and leaders.  With approval of the stimulus package, which will provide tax breaks for families and businesses and millions of dollars in investments in infrastructure, healthcare and education in Western New York, we have begun to lay the necessary groundwork for local and national economic revitalization.  We live in a great nation that, even during this difficult time, continues to provide opportunities like no other.  Western New Yorkers should be confident that our best days are still immediately ahead of us.”