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Congressman Higgins Announces $285,000 for Highly-Rated Science Programs at Canisius College

Jul 21, 2009
Press Release

Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-27) announced that Canisius College will receive a $285,000 federal grant for the fiscal year 2009.  This congressional directed grant was authorized through the Department of Education specifically for the development and improvement of the science education program at Canisius College.

“Our country’s future economic growth and vitality depends on critical investments in human capital and technology,” said Congressman Higgins.  “With these funds, Canisius College will be able to continue its demonstrated path towards innovation and opportunity for its students and Western New York.”

“Canisius College greatly appreciates this funding to enhance our highly-rated science programs,” said Rev. Vincent M. Cooke, S.J., president of Canisius.  “Congressman Higgins recognizes that higher education can be a key driver of local economic development and Canisius intends to fulfill that promise with the development of its interdisciplinary science center at Science Hall.” 

Canisius College will use its Congressionally-directed grant of to acquire equipment and supplies that will enhance the quality of its science education programs. This grant will allow expansion of their nationally ranked science programs and continued commitment to work with K-12 science teachers in Western New York.

Specifically, the funds will be directed toward:

  1. Upgrading Braun-Ruddick Seismograph Station which will provide new research opportunities for our students, support outreach to the local community, help establish collaborations with other regional seismic stations, and will support courses in seismology and geology.
  2. Acquiring Hallway display system for the Braun-Ruddick Seismograph Station to allow informal dissemination of seismograph station results, as well as other on-campus research activities.
  3. Acquiring High Performance Liquid Chromatography Electro-Spray Ionization Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer (LCMS) for environmental analysis, molecular biochemistry, organic synthesis and analytical chemistry.
  4. Acquiring Microplate Reader which replaces an older microplate reader thus expanding on the wavelengths available for use in the courses of instruction and student research training.
  5. Upgrading Cluster Computer enabling expanded use of the cluster in our classes and to further student learning and research. The upgrades will be completed during the Fall 2009 semester and the Spring 2010 semester.
  6. Acquiring robots to in order to engage students who for the most part are not oriented towards computing or science.
  7. Acquiring 2 Stream Tables which will improve undergraduate education in geology and environmental science.
  8. Acquiring 20 microscopes to replace the older existing microscopes used in the introductory biology laboratories. These courses serve to train students in a number of majors (biology, chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science, bioinformatics, ABEC, clinical laboratory science, education) on the proper use of microscopes for studying biology.
  9. Upgrading Mathematica software which is used extensively by the mathematics and statistics faculty to solve many types of mathematical problems.
  10. Acquiring StatXact and Logxact software which allow for more sophisticated data analysis including all nonparametric tests as well as exact tests for all standard analysis.

Founded in 1870, Canisius College has evolved into a laudable academic institution with national recognition.  In 2008, U.S. News and World Report magazine ranked Canisius College in the North Region’s top 25 institutions.