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Community Revitalization

Brian recognizes that for Western New York to reach its full potential, opportunity must extend beyond our business districts and into our neighborhoods.  As a member of the House Committee on Ways and Means, Brian maintains a seat at the table during critical discussions related to tax policy, state and local aid, and affordable housing.

Brian has been a staunch defender of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, which has repeatedly been at risk of cuts and elimination. The program delivers over $25 million to Western New York cities and towns for infrastructure, housing, neighborhood improvements and programs.  Brian is also a lead sponsor of the Neighborhood Homes Investment Act.

Western New York’s revival has been made possible, in part, thanks to the federal Historic Tax Credit program, which incentivizes private sector investment in the rehabilitation and reuse of historic buildings as well as the New Markets Tax Credit, which encourages investment in economically distressed areas. Brian has fought to extend and improve these which have led to billions in local investments.