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Cross Border Commerce

The successful growth of Western New York’s economy heavily depends on our ability to maintain and grow our relationship with Southern Ontario.


Every child has a right to a quality education. Starting with a high-quality early education and continuing throughout a student’s educational experience, education should focus on individual development and college readiness more than just test scores, investing in a teacher workforce second to none, and repairing and rebuilding our nation’s classrooms, so that every child has the opportunity to succeed. And when it comes to college and technical schools, financial barriers should never dictate whether or not a student can pursue higher education.

Energy & Environment

Brian will continue to push for Western New York to be a leader in an American energy policy that protects our environment, creates American jobs, decreases our reliance on foreign oil, and protects consumers.

Health Care

Western New York is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the reforms and doctors and hospitals across the region are heeding the call to generate the next phase of innovation. Brian is committed to continue to work to improve the health care reform law, to build upon the success that we have already seen, and to address new challenges that come our way.

Infrastructure and Jobs

The quality of American infrastructure today is embarrassingly poor, yet despite this glaring need, the response in Washington has been underwhelming. The time for a bold, large-scale investment in our infrastructure is now and, in doing so, we can reduce the deficit and create American jobs that can’t be outsourced. Quite simply, there is much work to be done, and a lot of Americans need the work.

Medicare & Social Security

The 26th Congressional District is home to nearly 150,000 senior citizens and Brian is committed to ensuring they receive the full extent of benefits they have earned and are entitled to.

Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station

The Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station (NFARS) is as critical to Western New York’s economy as it is to our nation’s security. The base plays a vital role in our nation’s military readiness and response capability, and provides security along our northern border. Brian remains committed to working with our partners in the local community and the New York Congressional delegation to protect and strengthen NFARS.


New York’s 26th Congressional District’s nearly 50,000 veterans have made unprecedented sacrifices in service of our nation. When our troops complete their service to our nation, it is imperative that the government fulfills its obligation to assist them in preparing to reenter into civilian life.


Throughout the 26th Congressional District, Brian advocates a simple formula for waterfront development: remove the barriers to public access and provide high-quality public space along the water’s edge, and thus enhance the viability and desirability of the land that remains. While substantial progress has been made as a result of targeted investment in the past few years, he looks forward to substantial, continued progress in the near term.